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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation is an independent charity with the aim of inspiring a generation to re-think, re-design & build a positive future through the vision of a circular economy. Ellen MacArthur founded the Foundation to better understand how on land too we rely on finite resources in the form of materials, energy and water after her experiences as a world class sailor having sailed over 26,000 miles to become the fastest person to circumnavigate the globe single-handed.

The Circular Economy 100 is a global platform bringing together leading companies, emerging innovators and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy over a 1000-day (3 year) period. The Annual Summit was held Wednesday 19 June 2013.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

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Re-thinking the Future by Ellen MacArthur with Jon Snow

Sustainability: Newscaster Jon Snow talks to Dame Ellen MacArthur about the circular economy and rethinking the future, in a short film looking back on the first year of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Challenging Ellen on the fundamental principles of the Foundation’s mission – to inspire a generation to re-think and re-design for a positive future – Jon investigates the circular economy as a framework for change and questions the actual implementation and impact of such a model on business.

With over 5 years of research and a full year of the Foundation under her belt, Dame Ellen is well placed to handle these testing questions and to make a strong case for the circular economy framework.

The circular economy is a different business model. It’s a different way of looking at the system as a whole. We know our future doesn’t work long term, but within a circular economy it does.

EarthSayer Ellen MacArthur

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