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This category covers a wide range of key words and phrases, but basically features EarthSayers who emphasize the importance of consciousness, being awake and aware and in this context, acknowledging the interconnectedness of all beings and acting accordingly with intelligence and compassion. Keywords included in this category range from spirituality and religion to consumerism and conservation. Stories and myths that reflect our beliefs and attitudes will also be found in this special collection.

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Changing Our Habits by Dominique Conseil of Aveda

Dominique Conseil is President of Aveda Corporation, Inc. He advises us that we don't have to change what we do for a living for example leave the business world or become environmental experts, but apply our consciousness to every day decisions. Decisions we make about our consumption habits both at home and work so we always factor in the wellness of the natural environment and human society. And always asking yourself, do I need this?

Dominique was interviewed by Ruth Ann Barrett of EarthSayers.tv.

EarthSayer Dominique Conseil

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