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Annie Leonard is an American proponent of sustainability and critic of excessive consumerism.

Leonard is best known as the creator and narrator of the animated documentary about the life-cycle of material goods, The Story of Stuff (2007). The documentary began as an hour-long talk and was made into a condensed film version based on popular demand. She also published a book version of the film.

After The Story of Stuff, she created Story of Cap and Trade in 2009, which is on the topic of emissions trading, as well as, in 2010, The Story of Bottled Water, The Story of Cosmetics and The Story of Electronics. In March 1, 2011, Leonard released The Story of Citizens United v. FEC and later that year, The Story of Broke.


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Cap and Trade: Devil in the Details by Annie Leonard

If you have heard about Cap & Trade, but are not sure how it works (or who benefits), this is an alternative viewpoint to the idea that it is a solution to climate change.  From activist Annie Leonard who gave us the Story of Stuff.  http://storyofcapandtrade.org

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