Native Perspectives on Sustainability

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The videos in this collection were produced by Dr. David Hall of Portland State University as part of a series of interviews he conducted in the bioregion of Salmon Nation. Here is a rich heritage and modern day presence of diverse indigenous cultures and Dr. Hall's project sought to engage and more deeply understand Native perspectives on the subject of sustainability, in terms of the following:  

More information on Dr. Hall's project is available at nativeperspectives.net.
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An Economy Congruent with Culture by Guujaaw (Haida)

Excerpt of an interview with Guujaaw (Haida): Guujaaw speaks to the importance of the land in meeting the needs of the Haida people, and of having an economy that works with his people's focus on the multigenerational aspects of life.
This clip is part of a series exploring the meaning of sustainability from the perspectives of indigenous leaders from the bioregion of Salmon Nation.
See Native Perspectives on Sustainability project.

EarthSayers Guujaaw; David Hall, Ph.D.

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